Manufacturer: DVG

The DVG Automation Scotch Yoke Series incorporates several new design features to provide higher efficiency and cost effective solutions.

These actuators are compact in desisn but above all introduce a nrw generation of patented mechanism which minimizes wearing effect on all loaded & Sliding parts, thus extending overall lifespan.

These features boost our Search Yoke Series for all modulating as well as heayy-duty services suitable for any quarter turn (90 deg) application.

Technical Specifications

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Technical Specification


The DVG Automaton Double-acting Actuators are available with individual test and guaranteed minimum output range from 350 Nm (1,500 lb-in) to 800,000 Nm (7,080,000 lb-in)

The Gas Over Oil standard operating pressure: 15 barg (290 psig) to 105 barg (1600 psig)

Standard design construction allows operating temperature from: -30 degC (-22 degF) to +93 degC (+199 degF)

Low temperature option extends operating range down to -60 degC (-76 degF)


Supply medium:

Sweet Gas – Hydraulic oil mineral based (standard).

Special versions are available for fire-resistant, Sour Gas or water based fluids.

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