Manufacturer: Dynatorque
Gears & Automated Valve Accessories

The Cameron portfolio of DYNATORQUE* valve accessories is a single-source solution for both standard and customized gears and automated valve accessories.

  • Reliability and durability
  • Standard and customized options
  • Manual and automated options
  • Broad range of products and services to accommodate a wide envelope of applications

Technical Specifications

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Gears & Automated Valve Accessories

Technical Specification

Worm gear operators
DYNATORQUE worm gear accessories are used with quarter-turn valves and dampers. Commercial-grade units have been designed to withstand loads far in excess of their rated torques. Operators are totally enclosed, weatherproof, and permanently lubricated.

Other grades of service include American Water Works Association (AWWA), all stainless steel, severe service, buried service, and high and low temperature.

Valve actuator manual overrides
Valve actuator manual overrides are used with automated valve packages to provide manual operation in the event of actuator failure or power loss. These gear operators are mounted between the valve and the actuator. Cameron manufacturers two types of actuator-to-valve direct interface overrides:

  • DYNATORQUE SRD* nondeclutchable manual override, which are used for spring-return applications
  • DYNATORQUE SD* declutchable manual override, which are suitable for either double- acting or spring-return


DYNATORQUE D-Stop device
The DYNATORQUE D-Stop* partial-stroke test device is used in automated quarter-turn valve applications where compliance with standards such as ISA-S84 and IEC 61511 is of concern. The device enables testing of the entire safety instrumented system (SIS) in applications where exercising the final trip element (the valve) may not be practical, such as when the valve is installed in an active process flow line.

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