As well as a service ethos inbuilt into the company by the owner and managing director, Power Mechanical also provide a range of services outside of the standard equipment supply scope such as:

  • Emergency Service
  • Planned Service
  • Re-Life Service
  • Retrofitting Service
Actuation & Valve Automation Solutions

Installation & Commissioning

New equipment supply projects often need expert assistance once the site work commences. Our installation and commissioning service, including valve actuator and controls validation, are called upon regularly by many of the projects we supply into.

Power Mechanical Installation Services

Condition Assessment

A critical area in our aging oil & gas infrastructure and considered to be a potential growth market for the company. Many customers do not have a detailed inventory on the equipment they have on site along with limited equipment knowledge.

Condition Assessment services offer a detailed record of the equipment and its condition, this ensures future traceability so that identifying the equipment for accurate maintenance or spare part purchase can be relied upon.

Power Mechanical On Site Services

Root Cause Analysis

Safety is integral to the oil & gas industry, understanding why things have failed and what can be done to eliminate or reduce failures is key to any installation. Power Mechanical’s expertise and experience in actuation and controls for critical application valves allows them to investigate and report accurately to customers.

Power Mechanical

ESD Testing

Emergency Shut-Down testing: The UK HSE require by law that operators test their safety critical systems at least once a year and can clearly demonstrate that this equipment is fully operational. Much of this equipment would require a full or partial production shut down to test, causing significant loss in production to the operator.

Power Mechanical provides on-site testing facilities to prove and document operational suitability for Emergency Shut-Down Valves without the need of production interruption or shut down.

Power Mechanical On Site Services


Founded as an engineering service company in 1988 to provide unparalleled service and quality to our customers. This has been achieved through corporate dedication and commitment that is highly evident throughout the personnel of the company, all of whom share the one goal of ‘total customer satisfaction.’