Manufacturer: Biffi
EHA / EHAS High Pressure ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC Actuators

Double-acting and spring return electro-hydraulic solutions for on-off valves on heavy duty service, suitable for high pressure supply. Models available for output torques to 60,000 Nm.

EHA / EHAS electro-hydraulic actuators use a self-contained power unit to provide operation and control of ¼” turn valves in on-off applications when the primary power source (instrument air or hydraulic supply) is unavailable.

Technical Specifications

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EHA / EHAS High Pressure ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC Actuators

Technical Specification

  • Manifold build reduces risk of oil leakages, eliminating potential leak paths, improving reliability and vibration resistance
  • Easy setting and maintenance
  • Accumulator ensures instantaneous response to commands. Redundant accumulators are available on request
  • Poppet type solenoid valves guarantee tight shutoff with improved energy saving
  • Double relief valve and hydraulic filters improve reliability, durability and safety while providing protection to motor and system
  • Limit switch box and PST options available
  • Critical parts manufactured from 316 stainless steel as a standard to prevent corrosion
    • 316 L stainless steel cabinet and oil tank as standard
    • 316 / 316L stainless steel tubing and fittings
  • Hydraulic manual local control as standard
  • Local and remote operation as standard.
  • Low power consumption
  • Low numbers of components involved (reduced fail capability)

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