Manufacturer: Biffi
F02 Electric Actuator

The F02 series are compact, intelligent quarter-turn electric actuators for the accurate control of valves with torques from 35 to 2000 Nm / 308 to 17,700

The F02 is available in six sizes and is designed for on/off or modulating control of butterfly, ball, rotary plug valves or dampers in a wide range of heavy industrial, chemical and petrochemical plants on and offshore.

Technical Specifications

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F02 Electric Actuator

Technical Specification

  • Low or high voltage single phase DC or AC power supply with 3-phase option
  • Multiple adjustable stroking times to suit specific applications
  • Interchangeable base plate and range of shaft inserts enable simple connection to any valve type
  • Intelligent control unit prevents overheating
  • Epicyclical gearing ensures reliable and smooth operation
  • Top-mounted position indicator
  • Constantly-engaged, hand wheel-operated manual override in case of power failure
  • Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity for non-intrusive configuration, operation and diagnostics
  • Optional local control panel for manual valve operation with additional open/close indicator
  • Simple upgrade options for modulating control and network communication via DeviceNet or Profibus DP protocols
  • Latched-type output contacts for fully open/ fully close remote Output contacts for monitor and blinker/local selector indication are also available

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