Manufacturer: Biffi

Double-acting and spring-return gas actuators for remote and local operation of valves in ON-OFF and modulating heavy-duty service. Available with output torques up to 6.638.000 lb-in.


GIG and GIGS ‘direct’ gas actuators offer the major benefit of using the gas flowing in the pipeline for their operation, without the need for any other power source.

Technical Specifications

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Technical Specification

  • Canted or symmetric scotch yoke design achieves high break torques for operating all kinds of quarter-turn valves.
  • Control system components engineered specifically to suit remote gas pipeline applications.
  • Control components are sealed within a dedicated enclosure, ensuring low maintenance.
  • Electronic control groups available to enable full valve network communication.
  • Electroless nickel plated and polished cylinder provides maximum corrosion resistance and reduces friction.
  • Integral manual handpump enables valve cycling when sufficient line pressure is not available.
  • External travel stops for precise angular stroke adjustment 90° +/- 4° at each end of travel.
  • Gas and hydraulic fluid contained in separate cylinders and cannot mix (GIG).
  • Spring-return pack fully encapsulated in a factory welded cartridge ensuring personnel safety and simplifying assembly (GIGS).
  • Environmentally-friendly design ensures up to 50% less gas discharge than alternative systems.

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