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High Pressure Gas Vent Flap

FA-00* High Pressure Gas Vent Flap Suitable for Gas Transmission Systems

Weatherproof vent pipe flaps/caps suitable to be installed to the tops of all vertical process and control system vents operating within the pressure range 0-100 bar gauge. Vent pipe flaps/caps are designed to prevent ingress of water or accumulation of small insects in the vent pipes which may affect the performance or operation of the gas plant and are in accordance with the requirements of T/SP/VENT1.

The materials selected will be suitable for environmental conditions to inhibit corrosion and general degradation of the component, and also to ensure there is no chemical reaction/attack with the presence of Natural Gas.

Technical Specifications

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High Pressure Gas Vent Flap

Technical Specification

General Description – PMVF-000*

  • Vent flap is of heavy duty and robust design to ensure long reliable service and be unaffected by plant vibration with minimal maintenance requirements considering the difficulty in accessing this equipment.
  • Materials are of such that they are corrosion resistant to ensure that the vent flap operates under severer environmental conditions including salt spray, snow, ice and chemical attack from natural gas.
  • Vent flap is designed to ensure there is no metal to metal contact when operated to avoid any possibility of ‘SPARKING’ under hazardous area conditions, where contact parts may strike such as the vent lid and counter balance, soft seats and non-metallic strike plates are fitted.
  • Weatherproof protection is ensured by the counter balance design of the vent lid ensuring the lid closes immediately after venting has finished preventing the ingress of water, insects or other foreign debris from entering the vent pipe and damaging the gas plant equipment.
  • The vent flap is suitable for high pressure Natural Gas applications from 0.5 Barg to 105 Barg.
  • The vent flap is designed to open sufficiently enough to allow small volumes of gas to vent whilst maintaining its weatherproof integrity.
  • Vent flap is of a positive fix design utilising NPT, BSPT or BSP thread types allowing for compression fitting fixing on small bore instrument tube or direct screw type for larger diameter pipe sizes.
  • Vent flap is designed for a minimum of 365 cycles per year of service with a 25 year design life.

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