Manufacturer: DVG

DVG Automation “LA” linear actuator series are compact in design and are suitable to operate every type of linear valve either in modulating or heavy-duty services.

DVG Automation has already pre-engineered different solutions to meet the most commonly required control systems. These solutions, based on standard components, offer reduced lead time, simplified purchasing, commissioning and start-up activities.

Technical Specifications

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Technical Specification

Pneumatic operating pressure for the LA pneumatic series ranges between 2 barg (35 psig) to 12 barg (175 psig)
Standard design construction allows operating temperature from -30 degC (-22 degF) to +100 degC (+212 degF) Low temperature design extends operating ran- ge down to -60 degC (-76 degF)

Supply medium:

Instrument air, nitrogen, sweet gas. Special ver- sion available for sour gas.

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