Manufacturer: Ledeen
Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

Designed to provide reliable on/off or modulating control of any quarter-turn valve by combining Cameron’s powerful LEDEEN scotch-yoke actuator with a compact electro-hydraulic power unit.

Double acting or spring return configurations are readily available. Each actuator can be locally controlled with manual operators, remotely controlled with electrical signals or automatically controlled with pressure-sensing or rate-of-drop monitoring devices. To ensure fail-safe operation is available upon demand, an onboard accumulator retains hydraulic energy to stroke the actuator to its fail position. The accumulator is sized to provide sufficient pressure to stroke the actuator multiple times when electricity is unavailable to the hydraulic power unit.

Technical Specifications

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Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

Technical Specification

  • AC or DC motors are available for various voltages
  • Integral motor controls and terminal housing
  • Local/remote on/off or modulating control logic
  • Watertight and explosion-proof construction
  • Lockable stainless steel hydraulic power module enclosure
  • Code-rated accumulator provides fail-safe operation
  • Scotch-yoke actuator for high breakaway torque output
  • High-visibility local position indicator
  • Limit switches for remote position indication
  • Mounts in any position (specify at time of ordering)
  • Torque outputs to 5.7 MM in-lb (644,000 N∙m)
  • Operating temperature range -22° F to 212° F (-30° C to 100° C)

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