Manufacturer: Westlock
Magnum XT90

Westlock control and monitoring equipment can be fitted with a variety of switches and sensors to provide the optimum combination and ideal solution for each application.

Hermetically-sealed proximity switches with either pure tungsten or rhodium contacts for use with low power I/O’s to provide longer contact life.

Technical Specifications

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Magnum XT90

Technical Specification

Magnum XT-90 hermetically sealed proximity switch

  • Contact arrangement: SPDT, Form C (normally open)
  • Contacts: Pure tungsten Rhodium
  • Operating time: 3.0 ms
  • Initial contact resistance: 0.50 ohms (max.) Tungsten – 0.10 ohms (max.) Rhodium
  • Seal: Hermetic
  • Housing (flame retardant): High impact PBT
  • Temperature range: -45°C to +105°C (Tungsten) & -40°C to +105°C (Rhodium)
  • Operational life: 600,000 cycles (full rated load)
  • Entity Parameters:  Ui = 30 V, Ii = 100 mA, Pi= 1 W, Ci = 10 nF, Li = 10μ

Electrical rating

  • Rhodium (low power, below 1 watt): SPDT Form C (normally open) 0.15 A/240 V AC, 1 A/24 V DC
  • Tungsten (high power, above 1 watt): SPDT Form C (normally open) 3 A/120 V AC, 1.5 A/240 V AC, 2 A/24 V DC

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