Manufacturer: Biffi
OLGA/OLGAS Hydraulic Actuators Scotch Yoke

Double-acting and spring-return hydraulic quarter-turn actuators for ON/OFF and modulating control of valves in heavy-duty service. Models available for output torques to 750,000 Nm.

OLGA and OLGAS series hydraulic actuators are designed for the control of quarter-turn ball, butterfly, plug or damper style valves.

Technical Specifications

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OLGA/OLGAS Hydraulic Actuators Scotch Yoke

Technical Specification

  • Totally enclosed, weatherproof housing in fabricated carbon steel for maximum strength.
  • Guide bar resists transverse loads and supports the piston rod.
  • Hard chromium plated alloy steel material guarantees corrosion protection and minimal friction.
  • PTFE-impregnated bronze or sintered bronze bushings provide minimal friction and extended service life.
  • Scotch yoke design with canted or symmetric torque arm allows close working to distinctive valve torque profiles.
  • External travel stops for precise angular stroke adjustment 90° +/- 4° at each end of travel.
  • Electroless nickel plated and polished cylinder provides maximum corrosion resistance and reduces friction.
  • Triple-element piston seals provide low friction, high sensitivity, ensure long life and prevent sticking problems.
  • OLGAS fully encapsulated spring return pack ensures personnel safety and simplifies assembly.
  • OLGAS modular design enables spring action to be changed in the field easily.
  • OLGAS-QA achieves ‘safe’ position in 0.2 second.

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