Manufacturer: Biffi
RPD/RPS Pneumatic Actuators

Double-Acting and Spring-Return pneumatic quarter-turn actuators for ON-OFF and modulating control of valves in heavy duty service. Models available for output torques to 3.700 Nm.

RPD and RPS actuators are designed to provide maximum torque output with minimum supply pressure for any quarter-turn application such as ball, plug, butterfly valves or dampers.

Technical Specifications

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RPD/RPS Pneumatic Actuators

Technical Specification

  • Weatherproof and totally enclosed fabricated carbon steel housing for maximum strength.
  • Constant output torque throughout the 90° stroke.
  • Adjustable bronze sliding block ensures low transverse forces.
  • Minimal friction nitrided rack.
  • Precise angular stroke adjustment 90 degrees +/- 4 degrees at each end of travel.
  • Electroless nickel-plated polished cylinder for corrosion resistance and minimal friction.
  • Low hysteresis and high sensitivity floating-type piston seals prevent sticking problems.
  • RPS spring module is fully encapsulated, ensuring personnel safety and simplifying assembly.
  • RPS mountable as spring to close or spring to open without modification.
  • Lever or jackscrew manual override.
  • Extensive range of accessories available.
  • Special coatings for offshore or corrosive environments.

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