Manufacturer: Ledeen
SY Series Actuators

Cameron offers customizable actuators from the frame type to the override options. A sample of the actuator selection process is shown below. Starting with frame type, the actuator components needed to fit the customer’s requirements are built. An example model number is shown below, which specifically identifies each variable for selection.

Typical application
For on-off or modulating control of any quarter-turn operated valve

Modular assembly
SY series LEDEEN* actuators provide increased flexibility through consistent engineering design and efficient modularity. Double-acting, spring fail-close or -open, and manual override options are available on the pneumatic and hydraulic products.

Technical Specifications

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SY Series Actuators

Technical Specification

  • Availability as double-acting or spring-return configurations
  • Torque outputs to 5,700,000 [644,000 N.m]
  • Open and close travel stops that provide ±3° minimum
  • Scotch yoke mechanism generates powerful opening and closing torque outputs
  • Steel-fabricated frame that provides rugged foundation of modular assemblies
  • Chrome-plated side-load bar with guide block for effective elimination of piston rod deflection
  • Bronze bushing interfaces that provide low-friction support of sliding and rotating components
  • Aluminum bronze sliding blocks for a low-friction, low-stress pin connection
  • Steel cylinder assembly that provides robust pressure containment for all conditions
  • Plated cylinder ID to ensure sealing surface with excellent corrosion resistance
  • Nitrile rubber piston seal configurations designed specifically for pneumatic and hydraulic applications
  • Composite guide band on piston to provide low-friction guidance and support
  • Steel spring cartridge fully enclosed from environmental conditions
  • Seal-welded design construction that provides improved personnel safety
  • Epoxy-coated prestressed springs that provide consistent performance with corrosion protection

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