Manufacturer: Biffi

The ICON 2000 v4 series are electronically-configurable quarter and multi-turn actuators with advanced operation, control, setting and maintenance characteristics.


The ICON 2000 is available in five sizes and is designed for on/off or modulating operation of valves used in heavy industrial, chemical and petrochemical plants.

Technical Specifications

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Technical Specification

  • Non-intrusive configuration
  • User-friendly push-button panel for operation, setting and diagnostics
  • Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity
  • Watertight and explosionproof PDAs available
  • Advanced maintenance data and alarm reports
  • Valve condition monitoring
  • Configurable ‘data logger’ function for maintenance and diagnostic programs in recorder or event modes
  • Customized numeric and graphic displays with 8 language options
  • Single enhanced terminal block
  • Digital contactless torque and position sensing
  • Advanced open bus communication protocols:
    • Lonworks
    • Profibus DPV0, DPV1 and redundant DPV1
    • Foundation Fieldbus
    • Modbus
    • Hart
  • Suitable for use in SIL 2 applications
  • Available in LP low power version with less than 1.65 A current consumption

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